Why is diamond certification important?

May 19, 2020 Custom Design, Education
Passion8 Diamond Certification and Authenticity Card

Diamonds are popularly gifted as declarations of love, promises of a future together and as signs of appreciation. They are also often bought by individuals simply for their beauty and implications as social status symbols. However, there isn’t much worse than paying top dollar for a stone that isn’t top quality. When shopping for diamond jewellery, it’s important to understand diamond certifications.  What is a diamond certification? Diamond certifications are produced by diamond labs in order to grade a stone’sRead More


April 9, 2019 Education

PASSION8 Diamonds are one of Australia’s leading Diamond brands who provide you with an unparalleled, quality, beautiful Diamond. PASSION8 Diamonds are only available at independent Jewellery Stores across Australia and New Zealand who are members of the Showcase Jewellers Buying Group, giving you a little more exclusivity to your Diamond. Why are they different? Passion8 Diamonds are created from the finest rough gems, less than 1 percent of the worlds rough diamond is selected to be PASSION8. Once the highestRead More


November 8, 2018 Education

In comparison to engagement ring styles, and working out a budget, deciding on a rock should be simple, right? With the right guide, we believe so. However, when billions of years go into forming something so beautiful, there are a few things to consider while choosing. Size Size is generally measured in carat weight, which is one of the four Cs associated with diamonds, and it’s easy to assume that it’s the most important factor. However, when it comes toRead More